GLORY™ - 'Dawnseeker' - Digital Deluxe Edition - PC


GLORY™ - 'Dawnseeker' - Digital Deluxe Edition - PC


PRE-ORDER: Tentative release is FY 2017 (i.e. between 1 July 2017 and 31 June 2018), actual release date may vary. For more information, please read the Pre-Order and Refund Policy.



The earth can no longer be saved. In the near future, the outbreak of a War of Apathy sends the planet beyond the brink of disaster, and this global conflict would force all of humanity to share a terrible fate.

The only hope for survival lies on a distant planet, far from the stars we know.

You are a Seeker; one of many explorers sent to find a home for humanity on a world that proves to be as ruthless as the one we left behind. The sprawling wastes of Ferramor will test the limits of the seekers, and they will learn that the universe is not as empty as they had believed. It’s up to you and other Seekers to build a colony for the refugees from Earth, and help humanity to find its glory.


GLORY™ is a next-generation social FPS RPG from Reach Game Studios. Take back humanity's glory and explore a rich, living, open world filled with adventure.


The Glory 'Dawnseeker' Digital Deluxe Edition for PC gives you access to the full base game, an exclusive 'Sigil of Founders' player portrait, and the 'Glory: Feast of Worlds' Expansion (Tentative Release: FY 2018). 

  • EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM: Every Dawnseeker pre-order comes with exclusive access to our early access program. More information with regards to this program will come later in 2016.
  • FEAST OF WORLDS EXPANSION INCLUDED: Feast of Worlds is Glory's first expansion season featuring an all-new cinematic campaign, new worlds and locations to explore, and a fresh raid experience and end-game to strengthen your character even further in their quest for Glory. (Release TBD)
  • SIGIL OF FOUNDERS: You were one of the first to explore Ferramor. Show it off with the Dawnseeker-exclusive Sigil of Founders player portrait.

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